Beyond the Basement: Cultures Survive through Stories

The key to creating a meaningful sense of Italian/American culture that means something to today's youth is to first insure that they have access to histories, of their families and of their communities, then we must provide them with historical and contemporary models in the areas of arts, business, and education, that they can study, emulate and transcend

When Niccolo Machiavelli penned his masterpiece, The Prince, Italy was a land divided and besieged by many foreign forces.  In his last chapter, “An Exhortation to free Italy from the Hands of the Barbarians,” he calls for new weapons and formations to be used in warding off intruders and to prepare for new leadership of Italy.  In many ways, the current state of Italian/American culture is in similar straights.  We need new tools and new alliances to bring a sense...

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