International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017

During World War II roughly  8,000 Italian Jews  were deported from their families and from their country by the fascist regime which was acting in alliance with Nazi Germany.

In the year 2000 the Italian government passed a law proclaiming Jan. 27th the Day of Remembrance “Giornata della memoria” in order to commemorate all of those who were deported and also those who endangering their own lives tried to save the lives of those who were deported.

This is to serve as a reminder of the dangers that are connected with discrimination and intolerance. We remember so never to repeat.

The names of the 8,000 Italian Jews that were deported will be read at Milken Community Schools and at LAMOTH (Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust). These are not just names when you read them, these are people like you and me, these are lives who were taken or suffered at the hands of hatred. We remember their lives and personal tragedies.

By reading these names out loud we promise to never forget.


The readings will take place on January 27th:

Time: 7:15 am and 9:00 am
Location: Milken Community Schools


Time: 10:30 am
Location: LAMOTH (Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust) with Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles Antonio Verde


In memory of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, public reading of the names of the Italian victims, followed by a screening of Perlasca. The Courage of a Just Man (2002, 124’), a film narrating the true story of an Italian businessman working in Hungary during WWII.
Date: Friday, January 27, 2017

Time: From 5:30 pm To 8:00 pm

Organized by : IIC & under the auspices of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles (IIC & sotto gli auspici del Consolato Generale d’Italia in Los Angeles)

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