Avalanche hits hotel in Central Italy

The hotel hit by the avalanche (Photo by Vigili del Fuoco)

There seem to be no end to the terrible earthquakes in Central Italy: Wednesday the earth shook again, four times, with devastating results. The region was also hit but heavy snowstorms in the past few days, something that furtherly complicated the difficult situation in which many live. Thirty people are missing after an avalanche buried a small hotel in the mountains of central Italy: the civil protection agency said they are working to get emergency vehicles and volunteers to Hotel Rigopiano, in Farindola, to join the rescue efforts by alpine rescue squads. Many in the hotel are feared dead. The rescue team that first arrived by skis around 4 a.m. pulled three bodies from the snow so far. While some were able to escape the building, some others are trapped inside, but seem to be ok, as they have used their phones to seek help.






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