ENIT Launches a New Hashtag Campaign After Beach-Terror Report

ENIT Launches a New Hashtag Campaign After Beach-Terror Report

Italian Beach in Amalfi (Ph: © janoka82)

 As reported by ANSA, Italians have reacted to foreign newspaper reports that the country's beaches could be a target for terrorists launching h a social media campaign under the hashtag #azzurro (blue).
 The initiative comes from the national tourist board ENIT after a report in the German Newspaper, Bild, regarding the risk that European beaches, in particular in Italy, Spain and the south of France, could be a target for Islamist suicide bombers. 
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano and the Italian intelligence services immediately dismissed the report, which also said there were fears that terrorists may disguise themselves as people hawking goods on beaches. Culture Minister Dario Franceschini was among the first people to take up the invitation, along with Culture Undersecretary Dorina Bianchi.
The initiative came after ENIT had affirmed the "total confidence in the way the government is managing security in our country" and expressed "concern and upset over the publication of media reports aiming to make the situation of insecurity in Europe more tense".

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