Italiano Lingua Viva: the Italian language around the world

Italiano Lingua Viva

The second edition of the campaign “Stati Generali della Lingua Italiana nel mondo 2016 - Italiano Lingua Viva”is taking place in Florence this next October 17th and 18th and will present some important updates on the spread and popularity of the Italian language around the world. 

The conference will focus on design in a event entitled "L'italiano e la creatività: marchi e costumi, moda e design" (Italian and Creativity: Brands and Customs, Fashion and Design) and analyze the impact the Italian language can have when it comes to business and communications, with a keen eye on the way it has impacted companies that are ambassadors of the Made in Italy philosophy abroad.

During the event, experts will also analyze how and how much Italian is being taught around world, and they will show how Italian is still lively and important language in many foreign nations. The event will be broadcasted line on the website and those who want to be part of the event with their opinions and comments can do so by writing an email to


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