You, Me & Sicily: Homemade Sicilian Cooking

Sicilian sauce, pasta and eggplant parmesan on this episode of "You, Me & Sicily!" All past episodes are at

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Take it with a grain of farro!

This Mediterranean farro dish is going straight to the top of your favourites list once you try it! But first, let’s touch upon the question, ‘what...
Blood orange and almond mascarpone crostata

A blood orange crostata to brighten your table

My grandfather always ended our big family meals by slowly rising from the table and carrying a large bowl of fruit from the sideboard to the table...
Carciofi alla Romana, Roman style boiled artichokes. Photo by asimojet

Quintessential roman cuisine: Carciofi alla Romana

It’s the beginning of artichokes season in Italy. This time of the year is when they are tender and not too big, in fact so tender that they can be...
Fennel, pancetta and prosciutto give the lean rabbit "in porchetta" lots of extra flavor

A modern Coniglio in Porchetta

The first and only time I served a whole, intact rabbit was several years ago for Easter dinner (insert humorous comment about serving a bunny on...
Crespelle with raisins, depending on the recipe's region of origin within Italy, you will find variations of these in different shapes, sizes, and even flavors. Photos copyright Nonna’s Way

Crespelle with Raisins - Deep fried Goodness!

You will love these for dessert or just a snack…pillowy soft dough with raisins, deep fried until golden beautiful then rolled in sugar while still...

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