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The best harvest method, holds Mr. Lo Monaco, is the traditional one: hand-picking the olives from the plant. “It allows you to pick the fruit at the desired ripeness, in the best conditions, when it is whole, and without it touching the ground,” he explained. Photo courtesy of Azienda Agricola Lubes Maria

Apulia’s Liquid Gold: Fruity, Bitter and a Touch of Spicy

If you’ve ever visited the Apulian countryside, you’ve walked amongst the giants. The majestic ulivi secolari (centuries-old olive trees) have stood...

Maurizio Igor Meta: “We’re all born travelers. We belong to Earth, not to a Nation”

“The moment of arrival was euphoric, and then silence fell upon them. They were afraid they wouldn’t be let in. The question on everyone’s mind was ‘...
Da Alidoro, nel centro di Manhattan, è possibile gustare l'autentico panino italiano. Photo courtesy:

Reliving the Authentic Italian Panino in New York City

It’s noon in Florence, and you find a spot on the steps of the Duomo. After a bitterly cold winter, you feel your skin gladly soak up the sun shining...
Details of the vault ceiling decorated by Annibale Carracci of the Galleria Farnese in the Farnese Palace in Rome

Lorenzo de Medici’s Triumph of Bacchus: “Di doman non c'è certezza”

“Quant’è bella giovinezza, che si fugge tuttavia! / Chi vuol esser lieto, sia / di doman non c’è certezza.” Tomorrow has no certainty, so dance and...
On January 17th, 2017 NOIAW's New York Chapter Honored Three Wise Women. From left to right: Elissa Montanti, Hon. Saliann Scarpulla, and Judith D. Grimaldi  Photo Credit: Bill Higgins

Three Wise Women: Changing their Local and International Communities

It was an evening to remember. On January 17th the National Organization of Italian American Women’s New York Chapter gathered to honor Three Wise...
The first masks were very grotesque. They had these noses that had a phallic symbolism

Venice: City of the Incognito

18th Century, Venice. Circling about the snaky, torch-lit alleyways of the ancient city are swarms of masked men and women. Before leaving the house...

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