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Julia della Croce

Julia della Croce is a food writer and James Beard award-winning cookbook author and recipe developer based in New York. She is presently incubating a book about her family's ancestral region, Sardegna. Visit her website, www.juliadellacroce.com and blog, http://juliadellacroce.com/forktales1/, connect on Facebook: Julia della Croce - chef & foodwriter, Twitter: @juliadellacroce and Instagram: juliadellacroce.

Aragosta al Pavone. | Credit: Alexandra Dib.

Sardinia, A Time And Place For Lobster

If Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, with 2,000 kilometers of spectacular coastline and some of the most...
Fusilli with Rapini Pesto | Credit: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Of Gifts And Bitter Greens

Recently, I invited a friend of mine over to try out some new recipes I was working on. “But how do you think of all those different things?” she...
Chicken alla Cacciatora in the Style of Ristorante Cibocchi | Credit: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales 2016

Chicken alla Cacciatora, Or The Taming of the Stew

It is a mistake to think that our immigrant forebears, however poor, went without meat. Country people have hunted for food since time immemorial and...
Laverello in cartoccio, whitefish in parchment, one of my fish finds along Lake Garda. |Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, www.paolodestefanis.com for Veneto: Authentic Recipes From Veneto and the Italian Northeast, by Julia della Croce (Chronicle Books, 2003).

How To Cook A Fish, Italian Style

When I was growing up, I watched my mother poach, roast, bake, or grill the fish my father caught on his weekend expeditions to Long Island’s Montauk...
Nettie Messina’s crostata di ricotta, ricotta pie. | Credit: Copyright Paolo Destefanis, www.paolodestefanis.com for Roma: Authentic Recipes From in and Around the Eternal City, by Julia della Croce (Chronicle Books, 2003)

Cheesecake Straddles Italian Tradition and New York Style

Even if the sweets associated with Italian Easter—colomba, Sicilian marzipan lambs, yeast breads with colorfully dyed eggs baked into them, to name...
Braised Lamb with Artichokes and White Wine. Photo: Copyright Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton for Italian Home Cooking, by Julia della Croce (Kyle Books), 2010

A Whiff of Spring, A Waft of Rome: A Marriage of Lamb and Artichokes

Historically and until the present day, enormous quantities of abbacchio, milk-fed baby lamb, have been consumed in Rome and its outlying region from...
A slice of rapini pie. Photo: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales, 2016

Easter Pie With A Bite

Pasquetta, “Little Easter,” Easter Monday, is as much a holiday for Italians as Easter itself. If its liturgical significance is to commemorate the...
Potato gnocchi with pastissada  | Credit: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales, 2016

Verona’s Ancient Gnocchi Bash, Still Alive and Well

Carnevale in Italy is a farewell to winter and a delirious celebration of Spring and all things delicious and forbidden. Every city or town has its...
Costolette alla Milanese. Credit: Copyright Nathan Hoyt/Forktales, 2016

Italian Chefs Fight Forgery of Costolette alla Milanese

Once a year, on January 17, Rosario Scarpato, Neapolitan-born gastronome, writer, and television producer makes a global appeal for the preservation...
Only the juice of the olive fruit that is extracted by pressing, not by chemical extraction, and which doesn't exceed 1% of acidity can be called extra virgin olive oil

Ushering in the New Year With Italian Olive Oil

Olive oil lovers are glad to put the old year behind them. Between drought and disease, the 2014 olive harvest was catastrophic for Italy—the worst...

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