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Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli (Palazzo Vecchio - Florence)

Niccolò Machiavelli: More Than a Political Wizard

Admittedly, the times of Machiavelli were very different from today’s, and his own take on how to lead successfully a country would be now considered...
Italian-American writer Mario Puzo, author of the novel The Godfather © Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

The Father of The Godfather: Mario Puzo

A quintessential figure of Italo-american culture, Puzo was, and still remains today almost twenty years after his death, the iconic symbol of how...
The mystery about what makes a Stradivari so unique remains largely unsold

Stradivari and the magic of his instruments

You don’t need to be a music expert to know the name “Stradivari” (or Stradivarius, its latinized version). Along with his lesser known, but just as...
Dante Alighieri portrait, 1499-1504, by Luca Signorelli (1441-1450 - 1523), fresco

Dante in the USA: an interview with the Dante Society of America’s President Albert Russell Ascoli

To an Italian, Dante is croce e delizia, pleasure and pain: forcefully immersed in the study of his heavenly works during the rebellious years of...
The Ferrovia del Parco is to choose if you like the mountains, nature and their wild charming beauty. Photo: Fondazione FS Italiane

Traveling in time: Italy discovers her love for long-forgotten rail routes

I know, today we mostly associate travelling by train to filthy seats, noise and running out of a station in a rush, trying desperately to get to...
The app Imperial Fora allows users to explore the fora area of Rome in four different moments in time

Looking at Rome as you never did before

To me, history is like morning coffee, I need it to function. I always loved it, since I was a child, and I’ve ended up making it the subject of my...
Café Florian, established in 1720, is the oldest café in the world still open. Photo by jovannig

Italy and coffee: a love story no one dares to question

Even if the passion for java is common to most countries in the world, with some (I am looking at you, Finland) even consuming more of it per capita...
The protocol recently signed will promote, support and safeguard the "made in Italy" food in the world. Photo:

Made in Italy in the world: a protocol to promote it and protect it

In Italy, food means much more than nutrition, it is culture, heritage, tradition. Satisfying all senses at once in a voluptuous embrace, Italian...

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