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Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce spiced up with hot sausages. Photo: Nonna’s Way

Classic Potato Gnocchi

There are several variations of gnocchi, but this classic potato gnocchi is a must have in your recipe collection. A simple tomato sauce or even...
This particular recipe of Peperonata originates from an area at the very tip of Calabria, where they have an exceptionally fertile land and grow an abundant variety of fruits and vegetables.  Photo: Nonna’s Way

Peperonata - The Italian Stir-Fry

‘Peperonata’. A southern Italian mixture of peppers, eggplant, and potatoes with tomato and basil. I guess you could say it is the Italian version of...

Take it with a grain of farro!

This Mediterranean farro dish is going straight to the top of your favourites list once you try it! But first, let’s touch upon the question, ‘what...
Crespelle with raisins, depending on the recipe's region of origin within Italy, you will find variations of these in different shapes, sizes, and even flavors. Photos copyright Nonna’s Way

Crespelle with Raisins - Deep fried Goodness!

You will love these for dessert or just a snack…pillowy soft dough with raisins, deep fried until golden beautiful then rolled in sugar while still...
Ciambelle make a great snack on their own but make the perfect accompaniment to cured meats, cheeses, and antipasto. Photos copyright Nonna’s Way

Ciambelle di Pane - Charcuterie’s Best Friend!

You hear the word ‘ciambelle’ a lot in Italian baking. There are so many different types of ciambelle, ciambellette and ciambellini! Sweet, savoury,...

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